Sunday, December 6, 2009

Possessed To Paint a Skate Deck

At Tippett Studio, every Christmas we have a Secret Santa gift exchange. What makes it great, is that the gift has to be hand made. In '07, my recipient was lighting guru and skateboard fiend, Aharon Bourland.
So, the idea was to custom paint a skateboard deck with a graphic image of a goblin from The Spiderwick Chronicles. I had never done this before, so there was a bit of trial and error involved, but that's the beauty of opaque paint.

Some of the things I found are...

  1. Sand the board down until it's completely smooth and then undercoat it with gesso. The colour of the acrylic paint will be much more vibrant and the paint itself will don't be absorbed into the wood.
  2. Mix a fluid medium (the kind used to mix paint for use in an airbrush) into your acrylic paint to thin it out enough to get a nice clean edge with your brush.
  3. When trying to get hard lines on small details...frisket is your best friend.

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